1. L

    New Lovebird Mom!

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased two female baby lovebirds (they get along just fine as they were raised in the same home). My question is has anyone successfully been able to have their lovebirds bond with them when they have two lovebirds? I’ve heard they will bond with each other and be...
  2. Zhin

    Love Bird breeding advice

    Hi, Have a Fischer yellow with red beak and recently got a green Fischer female, however male has no interest in this female and attacks. However, He is fine with my peachface yellow (his name is Naughty). i have now not let him see Naughty, although i do let him see him sometimes during...
  3. S

    Fischer - Lump And Closed Eye

    Hello, I am really hoping someone can help. We have a near 8 year old lovebird, called Uno. He had developed an lump on his right "cheek". This was barely noticeable 4 weeks ago when we first spotted it, as we were not sure if it was just has feathers sticking up. He was happy any healthy, he...
  4. B

    Wild lovebird?

    hello, I have a Fischer lovebird that flew into our kitchen looking for food. lovebirds, in general, are not native to my country and I figured that he must have either escaped from a home or a store. when we gave him food it was obvious that he was terrified of humans but still ate like he was...
  5. M

    Training a 3 month lovebird

    Hello I've just bought a 3 months old untamed Fischer lovebird. It's been two days now since I bought it, I'm not sure what gender it is. I brought it in carry box ( small wooden cage) and put it in a cage. It got used to where the food and water is but when I approach the cage it gets scared...