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Jan 5, 2021

Have a Fischer yellow with red beak and recently got a green Fischer female, however male has no interest in this female and attacks. However, He is fine with my peachface yellow (his name is Naughty).

i have now not let him see Naughty, although i do let him see him sometimes during the day. However, my Yello Fischer still hasnt bonded to green female Fischer (She is called Baby). I had them separated for about a week and only saw each other, however, he was not really happy. He chirps more when he doesnt see Naughty and friends. He also had a thing for my Green lovebird peachface Greeni. (She has orange head, is becoming more orange now).

I also have a problem with my peachface called Naughty. He is cool when we hold him and stuff, will not bite, will try to escape. Now i tried to have him bond with the new females in town and when in the box, or nearby, he jumps and attacks. What do i do to get them to like each other and be friends/mates?



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Jul 10, 2015
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Just because you want does not mean that the Parrots have to agree!

And, just because they are together doesn't mean the will bond. And just because they bond does mean they will produce eggs. And just because they produce eggs, doesn't mean the eggs will hatch!

Breeding is not simply place Parrot together.

highly recommend that you read the Breeders sub forum.


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Aug 21, 2010
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Jan 5, 2021
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i read through that, its mostly im aware of. The yellow and green fischers were handfed formula as a first experience. They are doing great and are the chosen pairs, both are very young. I may have to wait the year to find if they will bond, but im still having trouble them not even working now because Yellow hes just not even wanting to anything with Baby(green fischer, female.)

Now as for Naughty, hes just not being friendly to neither females i got for him and the other green lovebird(Geese), so now Naughty is just in his cage, though he likes his cage and small box. Naughty now made best friendship with now Geese, who is was intended for my widowed Greeni Lovebird ( i lost her BuuBuu , technically i didnt lose him but anyways)

Greeni X Buu Buu was the original pair i had. Buu Buu was lost and i had made a thread about it.

Greeni was widowed for about 6months, after his escape, i gotten Yellow fischer baby as a gift. He now has grown up and very good. Yellow as youngster tried to like my Greeni, tho over the course of his growing up she has pecked some of his head feathers missing, only some. They were separated finally as i purchased these new lovebirds. Naughty, was bought for Greeni but they are not working good as Naughty pecks when he gets inside the box. This caused Greeni to be scared of Naughty. Got Geese for Greeni and Greeni doesnt like him, hes younger than Greeni.

Naughty used to peck Geese when i put all of them together. Its wierd how Naughty made friends with my yellow Fischer instead very fast. Yellow and Naughty used to peck at Geese. Now Naughty doesnt peck at Geese. Geese and Naughty are best friends for some reason.

Ok hopefully that should help some of the experts on here help me get them paired up if possible, cuz then i have these intended lovebirds just there, hopefully they will try to make best friends to the new females? i still havent seen Geese nor Naughty do that. Espescially Naughty...

btw, i as a last resort got 2 more birds. 1 male, and 1 female. Greeni x new redhead male is working great as an experiment i did. They preened each other that same day. Still doing good so far.

Yellow, Geese, and Naughty. These guys are just not acknowlegin the females.
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