flight cage

  1. T

    BBQ, Cookware, and a flight tent??

    Hi - I promise I am not grilling my bird!! I'm excited as I found two parrots who need rehoming, a Senegal (2, M) and Eclectus (4, M). I am only able to take one of them home at this time, and I'm meeting both current owners to see if the personalities mesh well with my own! All goes well...
  2. Rico_Tiel

    How's Rico's Setup?

    I'm happy with it and the plastic food bowl is so this little gremlin will not hump it
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Which One? - Custom Acrylic or Plastic Seed Guard Kit

    Am wanting to add seed guards on to a new vacation cage, since we are staying with family and I would like to do what I can to keep some of the mess off their floor, even though I sweep or vacuum the area at least 3 times a day. These are the two items I have found that would fit. Neither...