1. I

    getting bird to like flight suit?

    Just a note: Yes i know some people don't like flight suits but please don't leave hate in the comments. Thank you. My ringneck has worn her homemade flight suit quite a few times, Maybe 3 or 4 in the past few days. Unfortunately since it's homemade we wouldn't condition her to it since we had...
  2. Roanoke

    Outdoor Picture Thread

    I brought Teeko outside for the second time earlier! He's doing well with the suit, still nibbles on it though. Just look at him enjoying the fresh air! All the leaves are shining a vibrant green, coated with droplets from the rain last night. Took him over to see the goats- they were ever...
  3. Roanoke

    Teeko's Flightsuit! -and Vacation Questions

    First let me brag, questions later; Yesterday I went all the way and put the Flightsuit on Teeko for the first time! We've been preparing for months. Pretty much every day I stroke him with it, set him on it, basically pretend to put it on him. He used to nip me but I took it slow and he's...
  4. Roanoke

    Are FlightSuits an option?

    Me and Teeks are getting along swimmingly and I'd love to be able to spend more time with him. However, I've had trouble finding time to spend with him the past couple days. Often my dad is playing loud music, which scares him, and sometimes the front door is open so that we can get some...