Teeko's Flightsuit! -and Vacation Questions

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Oct 30, 2014
Greenville, SC
Teeko, GCC [Baby Amazon ETA: August 25th]
First let me brag, questions later;

Yesterday I went all the way and put the Flightsuit on Teeko for the first time!
We've been preparing for months. Pretty much every day I stroke him with it, set him on it, basically pretend to put it on him.
He used to nip me but I took it slow and he's good now. Don't worry, he gets a treat every time!
He didn't seem too stressed out, surprisingly. A bit uncomfortable, as we hadn't practiced pulling his wings through, so that was a new sensation for him..
I distracted him with pecans and grape juice, which he loves.


I only had it on him a couple minutes (Didn't want to overdo it on the first try), not even long enough for him to have to poop.
He didn't nibble on it too much but he did lean back excessively when I stepped him up, I guess he was trying to back out of it.
We took it off without a fuss, he stepped right out calmly when I undid the velcro. Got another treat for being a good boy :D

I may take him outside tomorrow if the weather's good, still debating whether or not it's too soon. He was allowed to roam outside :)eek:)in his last home, so it shouldn't be too scary for him.

Okay, like I mentioned in the title, I have a couple questions as to what I should do with Teeko when we leave on vacation later in the year.
Option #1:
There is a 'bird lady' down the road from us, she's very friendly and a total animal lover. She stopped by our house to say hi last year, before I got him.
She has macaws, possibly a 'too, and used to do rescue. We could give her a key, but we don't know her all too well. I have no doubt she'd take good care of him, however.
Option #2:
Take him. The problems here are that we're going to Michigan, so it might be chilly for a tropical bird, and the place we're staying (My grandparents') houses two extremely high prey-drive Dachshunds. My room has doors and is located in the basement where the dogs aren't allowed, but if he were to get out and fly upstairs it would be death.
It's a long fly though, and my boy isn't known for his skills. If I were to take him, he'd be carried around the house in a small travel cage so as to get some social time,
and only let out when he's either in the closed room or wearing his suit with leash on.

Thanks for reading! If any of you have advice, please share!
I know I've been absent for a while, so if you've never met me before, hello.
Oh, one last thing, if you want to say something negative about Flightsuits, please abstain from doing so. It won't change my opinion, he's wearing it and that's decided.
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Jan 19, 2014
College Station, Texas
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Hi, good to see you again! That's great news! Wow, you were patient enough to have success with Teeko's flight suit :D!! That's a huge accomplishment to be able to go so slow and consistently over the course of MONTHS, and finally see success!! That must be a great feeling :).

I think he'd be fine taking him with you. He has to go now that he wears his flight suit! Just be extra (overly) cautious around the dogs at all times, and don't EVER let your guard down, then I feel he'll be okay.

Unless you knew your neighbor well enough, I wouldn't personally feel comfortable giving her the house keys. Also you never know if she's carrying a bird disease with her. Not probable but definitely possible.

Have fun on your trip, and remember... If you take Teeko, we need pictures!
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Sep 2, 2014
Buffalo, NY
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Congratulations I the accomplishment of getting him used to the flightsuit. The reason he leans back when steps up because he's off balanced from the suit. The more he wears it, the more he'll get used to it.

Definitely consider taking him with you. I plan on going on a short vacation in July, and plan on taking my little guy as well.


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Jun 26, 2013
Seattle, Washington
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Wow congrats on the big accomplishment!!!! I was wondering if Lilo would ever be ok with a suit. I just need to not give up! :)

And I think he would be fine to go with you, I had a high prey getter dog with us once, we just never let them be alone and if any thing was a miss, we were quick to react. And Lilo is jus fine! :)


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Aug 13, 2014
North Dakota, USA
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I would wonder if they lady would allow you to bring your bird to her to watch it? maybe pay her some?

My plan if i have to vacation, is a local bird shelter here. They rescue and rehome birds. And they have a little shop where they sell food, perches, playstands etc....they also board birds. So that seems like an ok option.

Maybe check your area, perhaps bird rescues there do the same thing for extra income?


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Mar 15, 2015
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I would worry about diseases.

I would take the bird and keep a VERY close eye.

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