1. TheofficialParakeet

    The Bubble Budgies!

    We are going to dive into the Bubble Budgies here! This is the flock thread. Name: Olive (Olivia or Oliver) Age: 4 months Sex: Female (?) Info: Not much known yet. She’s friendly and curious. She likes to shred 😎 Name: Rosie Age: 1 year-ish Sex: female Info: Got from an elderly man who...
  2. Squeeing_Onion

    IRN & GCC - Size question, and "when to let both birds out, if ever" ?

    So, I have a more in-depth article on Echo (click here,) but here's the two big questions I am burning for answers and ideas on: 1) He seems 'stocky' and large to me for an Indian Ringneck. Is that just me? (photos gallore on the above linked thread) His feet in particular, they seem much...
  3. K

    Cockatiel likes to spend time with my budgies and sad? if alone with me.

  4. Ava.rg

    2 female budgies and one male?

    Hello so long story short would it be okay to keep 2 female budgies and 1 male together? So I have had 4 budgies for about 1 year and I had two budgies in one cage and two budgies in another but awhile ago one of the budgies passed away (about 5 months so the companion budgie has quarantined)...
  5. S

    New here

    I just joined this site. My name is Stacie and me and my husband have 2 lovebirds, a pineapple conure, an African Gray and 2 parakeets. Looking to learn and share with everyone :):blue2: :green::greenyellow::greenyellow::grey:
  6. Melscamp

    Huge (small) Victory

    I've only had my budgies for a lil over 2 weeks. I rescued 5 of them & have realized my huge challenge of hand taming all of them at almost a year old. They are totally afraid of me. I've been standing by their cage, telling them how pretty they are, holding my hand inside & looking at them with...
  7. Melscamp

    Not the crazy bird lady..... Yet

    I just adopted 5 budgies. They are 8 months old, supposedly, and I got them from a local rescue. I want them to have the best life so I joined to learn as much as I can and share stories. My family owned a pet shop as a child so I cared for many animals early on. At this point, they are totally...
  8. Violet_Diva

    Anyone Here Got More Than 2 Ekkies?

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum has experience of owning multiple eclectus and if they could share their experiences. I currently have two and am looking at getting a third (potentially the sibling of one of my existing fids.) Does anyone have experience with ekkie flocks and...
  9. A

    More Conures?

    I am a total bird person. I've owned various birds all my life from age 8, when I was overcome with desire to own my own cockatiel. I've taken care of a variety of types including Pionus's and an Amazon. I am at college now, and have my own apartment, and decided to get a little green-cheek to...