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    Clipped feathers

    Hi guys, I am concerned about one of my teil, named Jazzy. She is not able fly, but can glide within room. She is with me for 3 months. I noticed some of her flight feathers are clipped and have not grown in 3months. Does it take that much time? She eats mostly seed.
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    Basic questions about parrots , and the dilemma . to clip or not to clip ?

    So i still have many questions , one of my biggest dilemmas now , is to clip or not to clip ? i really want my parrot to be able to fly , but i am so scared something might happen ... i have other pets , i do not intend interaction between my dogs and my parrot ( future parrot ) and it will stay...
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    Can anyone help please?

    Hi Sorry that his will be a little long and involved but I hope you will stick with me while I explain. Archie is a Jardines Parrot and has been with me for over a year now, he is about 5 years old. He lives is a huge cage and as I am at home all day he gets almost constant attention and we...
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    How to keep my conure from flying everywhere without clipping her wings?

    I don't want to clip her wings, but she flies all around the living room, into the kitchen, and she almost landed on our christmas tree yesterday. She constantly flies to me, and my dad says if she doesn't stop it, we'll have to clip her wings. Please, any ideas?