1. B

    Do you give your birds (safe) tea?

    Recently our keet, Selene, had a vet appointment for a check up and a nail trim (clean bill of health). She seems like a pretty nervous bird in general-- she isn't tame and I've only just recently gotten her to start eating millet off a stalk I'm holding-- but after her appointment she's been...
  2. R

    Conure won't eat

    Hi all, New Conure owner here. We just got him a few days ago. I gave him some Zupreen Pasta blend and zupreem sensible seeds as a mixture, and he just throws the pasta blend out and digs for most of the sensible seeds. I also gave him some grapes, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce blueberries...
  3. yuko

    What foods are poisonous to a GCC?

    i know that avocado, chocolate, and cilantro are poisonous but what other foods? thanks in advance!
  4. F

    are firethorn berries safe for lovebirds?

    Hello guys! I was reading something about parrot food, and it mentioned firethorn berries (Pyracantha coccinea to be specific) being a good thing to give to your parrot. However I'm still not sure if they are safe for lovebirds because the text didn't mention them.:confused: Also if they aren't...
  5. Billdore

    Food temperature?

    What Temp should the fruits and veggies be for my Fid to eat when removing from the refrigerator?:confused:
  6. Rufio850

    Conures and seafood?

    My green cheek loves everything we eat. he enjoyed and had fun playing and eating crawfish (after reading a ton of sites). Now i was wondering about other seafood? I was thinking shrimp? He will eat anything and everything we eat and if he doesnt like it, he will leave it alone. So I was curious...
  7. D

    New to the Forum and a few question about my birds

    hello everyone i am new to this site. I own two umbrella cockatoo's, Eggbert and Boo. I have had them for about a year now and recently had to separate them as they where living together in the same cage and Boo decided to pluck Eggbert"s feathers. My first question: is there any way that i...
  8. W


    I generally feed my conure pellets with salflower seeds for a treat but she really likes peanuts. I got roasted but NON Salted peanuts in the shell, is that ok or should they be raw un roasted peanuts in the shell? We use them as special treats for really good behavior (and to briber her out of...