formula feedings

  1. S

    Help for Eclectus baby & Vitamin A

    Hello I am new to this forum. Thanks to all those who contribute, its been a wonderful resource. I am hand-raising a baby eclectus. We pulled her from the nest at 3 weeks, and she's 4 weeks now. I have been feeding her AviPlus hand-rearing Phase 2 for parots. My question is on Vitamin A...
  2. Mr_Strange

    What can I Hand-Feed my Cockatiels?

    What can I Hand-Feed my Baby Cockatiels? Hello guys, :rainbow1: Please I need to know what can I Hand-Feed my Baby Cockatiels, Can I prepare a formula at home (a natural one) using grains, beans ...etc instead of the hand-feeding Commercial Formulas like Nutribird A18-A19-A21, Exact, Kiki...
  3. O

    Spoon feeding formula question Eclectus

    Hello I have a quick question for this forum: My four and a half month old femals SI Eclectus is still eating formula at night. I couldn't really tell you a spoonful amount but I check her crop and decide when shes done on that. She almost seems to take a few bites and then gets almost...