1. ImaParrot

    Wet bird or sleepy bird?

    Which is cuter, a wet bird or a sleepy bird? Olive looks really silly when she's wet, but she's also afraid of cameras, so I couldn't take a pic. :(
  2. Talaya

    Large interactive toy

    Solo has a new toy. We put it in his cage yesterday and so far he has fallen in love with it. As it is made of bamboo, I have been able to put in a few little slithers of coconut and almond for him to find. Today he was out flying around and he went back in his cage to play with it. He chatters...
  3. Lluviasrain

    Playtime with Tialu

    Let me tell you a story.. Once upon a time there was a little bird.. he'd bounce and he'd thrash and occasionally he'd do the monster mash. At times a bit shy, he really was a sweet little guy. Even if sometimes a bit devious, he could also be seemingly quite serious. ..Other times he was just...
  4. generalgibby

    How does your bird prefer fruits!?

    Whole, mashed, chopped, sliced?! How dose your bird like to eat them!? Or maybe they prefer veggies?! Share your birds fruit/veggie story’s, asking this for fun! :D My little guy likes to suck out the juice a prices of fruit, then flick off the pulp across the room and get another bite. The...
  5. Jingles.Opie

    Sun Conure Gender

    I've been reading the differences between male and female Sun Conures and would like to try and guess your DNA sexed Sun Conures. The pictures must be very clear, the bird should be standing regularly, and include the whole body. I've attached a picture as reference.
  6. J

    Time for a light topic, what does your Bird love to eat???

    So I got home from work, let Pedro, my Yellow Headed Amazon, out of his cage and started whipping up some Hot Chocolate (it's snowing and cold here in Colorado) as soon as I started to stir the chocolate into the milk Pedro appeared on my shoulder pecking at my ear demanding his share! He...
  7. Ms. Prissy Beak And I

    Ms. Prissy Beak And I

    in the middle of scritches: note the ruffled head feathers
  8. V

    My lovely Sun conure <3

    Hello! I thought I'd introduce myself to you all as I am the very proud owner of a Sun Conure. She is 14weeks old and I will have had her for a fortnight this coming Sunday. I have always wanted a sunny since falling in love about 5yrs ago but was never in the position to have one. My...