funny bird things

  1. Feathered Daredevil 2

    Feathered Daredevil 2

  2. Feathered Daredevil

    Feathered Daredevil

    Yep, that's about right... in more ways than one (the devil part, I mean)!
  3. The Creep

    The Creep

    Spying on the budgies is always a favorite pastime!
  4. The New Cone

    The New Cone

    I'd like three scoops of Unpredictable in a Rainbow cone, please!
  5. Woke Up Sassy Dis Mornin!

    Woke Up Sassy Dis Mornin!

    Miles always gets up to some impressive showoff antics every time I let him out of his cage.
  6. Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Miles, wet as a hen and showing off his silly side.
  7. Don't need that kind of negativity

    Don't need that kind of negativity

    My hy and macaw playing around
  8. Angelina.M.

    Gru the grren cheek conure has a new bff Odie the Quaker he is in loooove lol🥰❤

    Hello just wanted to share these adorable photos of Gru and his new bestfriend Odie🥰❤
  9. SoberParrots

    Cage shenanigans and a tired Bird dad - Story Time!

    Today was cage cleaning day for my parakeet… It was quite a hassle!!! - To start off, the air conditioner has been broken for a few days, it’s 85 degrees upstairs and low seventies downstairs. I find that I am quite a chameleon when it comes to this sudden change in temperature and I have...
  10. VolcanoBakemeat

    He mimicks my voice and now THIS

    I once bought my conure a flight suit so I could take him out with me more. I got him comfortable around it enough to actually wear it, but all he does when I get it on him is squint and stare at me. For a long time. He'll move around and talk and act normally, but whenever I turn and make...