funny bird things

  1. Angelina.M.

    Gru the grren cheek conure has a new bff Odie the Quaker he is in loooove lol🥰❤

    Hello just wanted to share these adorable photos of Gru and his new bestfriend Odie🥰❤
  2. SoberParrots

    Cage shenanigans and a tired Bird dad - Story Time!

    Today was cage cleaning day for my parakeet… It was quite a hassle!!! - To start off, the air conditioner has been broken for a few days, it’s 85 degrees upstairs and low seventies downstairs. I find that I am quite a chameleon when it comes to this sudden change in temperature and I have...
  3. VolcanoBakemeat

    He mimicks my voice and now THIS

    I once bought my conure a flight suit so I could take him out with me more. I got him comfortable around it enough to actually wear it, but all he does when I get it on him is squint and stare at me. For a long time. He'll move around and talk and act normally, but whenever I turn and make...