1. TeekoGreenCheek

    Let me turn your bird into a Poke'mon card!

    Just something Hilariously awesome! And fun I came up with!
  2. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko Loves The Legend Of Zelda.

    so, funny story. i decided to clean the room and decided to listen to some Zelda music. and i started the playlist about in 10 mins i turn around to look at Teeko on his cage and he is just bobbing his head back and forth and up and down, with the music. he has never danced before this so its a...
  3. Rico_Tiel

    Type “I loved my family but” and let the autocorrect thingy make a full sentence with it

    Here’s mine! I loved my family but I got too hungry I loved my family but now I’m hungry I loved my family but I’m still not dead I loved my family but my mom was a good person and I farted Let’s see yours!
  4. Meet Grumpybird

    Meet Grumpybird

    Forget Grumpycat! Introducing GRUMPYBIRD.
  5. Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Miles, wet as a hen and showing off his silly side.
  6. Happy Spot

    Happy Spot

    She hates my fingers/hands. So she is comfy on my head or shoulders.
  7. C

    My parrot's voice is like a dinosaur

  8. Valyndris

    Awesome bird compilation

    I was browsing Imgur and found an awesome post about birds with around 50 awesome pictures/GIFs and figured it's worth sharing here as it was really cute and enjoyable. :)
  9. P

    Fun with Greys

    Hey guys, we just set up a YouTube Channel for our African Grey & wanted to share it with you. Would love to hear feedback.
  10. CarolineBradley

    Only parrot owners will get my embarrassment

    OK... All you other conure owners out there.. Has any one else had a similar moment? Sooooo i was at the doctors recently regarding a vaccination I have to have to care for Flying foxes in Australia (I'm a wildlife carer... long story).. Anyway, the doctor asked me if I smoked, specifically if...
  11. I

    I've had enough !

    Well ya'll I decided enough was enough. I've liven under the iron talon for too long... it was time to replace Kermit with something nicer, quieter, low maintenance, and overall more docile. I think I found the perfect fit and I'd like to introduce you to my special new fid, Rainbow. She is...
  12. C

    The Cuteness Is Deadly

    Too Cute! Charlie the Caique Parrot - Playing with Tissues - YouTube It's amazing how a tissue can be more fun than all his toys combined. He was so absorbed in the tissue that he fell off my lap. Lucky i caught him.
  13. M

    I'd Like To Order One Picky Budgy, Please!

    My budgie Cooks has given me no end in sight to his picky nature. :p For a few days my budgie stopped eating almost entirely. At first, I was naturally concerned - illness, crop impaction, stress, upset digestion... Even if he showed no other signs of an illness, I scheduled a vet visit...
  14. F

    Pranking our CAG with a "talking" paper roll :)

  15. Koni

    An IRN shows you how to do a bodyweight Front Lever

    This is Koni, my IRN teaching you how to do the Front Lever bodyweight exercise How To Do A Front Lever - YouTube
  16. lorika

    Loki goes insane over cotton swabs

    Hey all ^^ My lorikeet goes absolutely insane over cotton swabs/q-tips. I couldn't stop laughing, it was so funny! X'D Rainbow Lorikeet Goes Nuts Over Cotton Swabs (Funny Parrot) - YouTube Hope you like it, I just has to share ^^:rainbow1:
  17. R

    What does your parrot throw?

    He is a diva!!!! What do your parrots throw when you don't pay attention to them for even a moment?? Lol
  18. S

    Conure Cuddlles

    When I first got Frankie (green cheeked conure) she was very against my partner. I used to snuggle with her at night and when my partner would come into bed, Frankie would wake up and squawk at him loudly .. One time, Frankie even attacked him and made his neck bleed. My partner began to get...
  19. R

    Funny/Short toy story

    I just realized my title is Toy Story.. Ha Ha, like the movie.. okay well here is my "toy" story: So the little ones (my Kakariki, Cleo :green1: and Turquoisine, Merlin:green:) were actually really enjoying their swing today. I haven't really seen them use it. But so at one point Merlin jumped...
  20. veimar

    Weird funny behavior

    My lovely first GCC is about 5-6 mo old and very well tempered. :green2: He can be moody sometimes, but overall he is very sweet. Recently he started doing this funny thing - he usually sits on the top perch, and as soon as I approach the cage he would go towards we to the end of the perch...