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May 5, 2016
Southern California
Kermit, ♀ GCC (Green Demon)
Well ya'll I decided enough was enough. I've liven under the iron talon for too long... it was time to replace Kermit with something nicer, quieter, low maintenance, and overall more docile. I think I found the perfect fit and I'd like to introduce you to my special new fid, Rainbow. She is from a very rare family of parrot that fits the bill.

But... Kermit disagrees of course. I'm giving her time to acclimate to her replacer before sending her off to bluer skies.


April fools & love your feathered friends for the special, special snowflakes they are ;) :gcc:
Lol very funny.

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Carl_Power;; Not at all ! That toy normally sits on top of her cage and she's generally indifferent to it. Although the other day I caught her trying to regurgitate to it so Rainbow had to take a vacation o__o

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