1. Aprilxoxo

    Getting extremely fussy eater to eat vegetables or pellets.

    Anyone have any secret sure fire ways to get a seriously picky bird to eat something different? She a 9yr old galah and ive been told shes only been fed seed. Ive had her 2 months and ive tried desperatly to find atleast 1 thing she likes as a gateway to trying new stuff. SHE DOESNT EVEN LIKE...
  2. T

    Confused. is my 10 week old weaning?

    Hi there, to sum up i assume my bird is ready to wean, but she is only 10 weeks old, i thought this happens a few weeks from now, like 12-14 weeks old. So my alex Frankie is approaching 10 weeks old now, and I've been handfeeding since i purchased it (I was taught how to handfeed by a...