1. Libbi24

    GCC constantly trying to mate with my quaker

    Hi! This is a problem I didn’t ever see myself having with my birds but here we are lol! If you’ve read my previous threads you know that I rescued a Quaker parrot (who has settled in wonderfully!) I’ve recently took Tofu to the vets, she’s got a lack of muscles in her wings so she can’t fly...
  2. Akramkhan346

    I want to take my GCC to India from Saudi Arabia

    Dear All, I have a pair of Green Cheek conures aged - 1 Year, I am from India and at present residing in Saudi Arabia. I am planning to leave the country and go back to my home country. Hence, I am willing to take both my babies along with me. Can someone please guide me through the detailed...
  3. I enjoy window.

    I enjoy window.

    (Don't mind my Stitch pillow- I love Stitch-)
  4. G

    Help!! Conure seeking out hand to bite

    Hi everyone! My male yellow sided green cheek has been so aggressive lately. He at random decides my hand is evil and will seek it out to attack! I've tried to read the signs as to what might upset him and why he might want to attack my hand at a certain time but it just seems to be random!! He...
  5. B

    Green Cheek Conures Breeding and Laying Eggs

    Hello, I am Bree c: I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me with my 2 green cheek conures. I have 2 green cheeks which have been breeding for quite some time now and have laid 5 eggs thus far. Although this is FANTASTIC NEWS I want to be much more prepared for when the eggs hatch...