getting a new bird

  1. S

    Picking a new budgie

    I'm looking for a new budgie to be a companion to my current one, Sky, who is around 2 years old and male. He used to have a female friend a long time ago who unfortunately passed away. I'd appreciate some advice on what gender / age will ideally get along with Sky, I'm thinking of getting a...
  2. MorganKay

    New to 'toos

    Hello! I've been scrolling through this forum for a few days now reading anything I can find relevant to galah cockatoos, but decided joining the discussion myself will likely be more productive in the long run, so here I am XD I've been in love with galah cockatoos for years now, they're one...
  3. kaylee

    I want to get another bird

    Currently, I own 1 bird, my sun conure. I really want to get another bird but I don't know if I should mainly because I don't want to make Sunny feel like I don't love him? (does that happen??) I still live at home so it all depends on how my parents think about me getting another bird, but if...