1. Frankie


    Frankie the goffins cockatoo
  2. P

    Goffins Behavior Help

    So we recently hand trained our goffins, Peaches, but she started doing something strange. As she hangs out with me, she'll come to my hand if it lays flat and sit on it. She then moves to a finger, takes it into her mouth, and bites gently. I'm very used to both her "No, I don't like this"...
  3. A

    Training away bad behavior.

    Hi all. The wife & I are newbies to parrots & 2's. (obligatory first post) We just got a 1 1/2 yr old Goffins 3 days ago from a family that couldn't take care if it due to family circumstances. We have the cage, toys, & food they fed it. Puck (name we're choosing because it seems to fit...
  4. F

    Loki singing the song of his people at midnight

    Hello all! So Loki (Goffin's cockatoo) and Mango (sun conure) are finally here with in San Diego! It's been about two weeks and it's already been a crazy ride. Amongst the weirdest of the behaviors I've noticed is that every two or three nights, Loki will start screaming every 10 seconds or so...
  5. Cookie The Brat

    Cookie The Brat

    Just hanging around
  6. Lee_Creature_Girl

    New member just saying hi & this is who I am :)

    My name is Lee & I'm a retired RN (due to brain injury). I live in Kirkland Washington which is just outside Seattle. I'm married...for the 2nd & last time :) I moved here from Denver to marry my husband whom I met online in a forum dedicated to current events & especially hot topics...