1. N

    He won't step up!!!

    So me and yoshi, my GCC seemed to be on the right path in forming a bond - he started taking food from my hand through his cage, then inside the cage and then from the palm of my hand all in the same week after 1 month. But now we seem to have reached a stagnant point in which he refuses to step...
  2. K

    Help on hand training

    Hey, I've had my two conures, Zorab and Nello, for about a month now but can't seem to build up any trust with them. The lady I purchased them from said that she knew little about them and had only had them for about 5 months. She said that she was able to get them onto her hands and then...
  3. S

    So frustrated

    I have had my tiel quietly sitting next to me on my desk everyday for about a week or so. I must use his cloth pineapple hut/toy to get him out of his cage, in his cage, to come to me, etc. I thought it was pretty neat at first, but the past couple days my cockatiel has been extra mean. He is...
  4. Kingsley_greencheek

    How to teach a baby green cheek not to bite my hand?

    Kingsley is 10 weeks old- I've only had him for a week but we have already made HUGE progress in bonding and getting him to be more outgoing. He will now eagerly fly to my shoulder, play in my hair, and even crawl into my sweater like a blanket. He does "step up" pretty well too, the only thing...