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Oct 5, 2016

I've had my two conures, Zorab and Nello, for about a month now but can't seem to build up any trust with them.
The lady I purchased them from said that she knew little about them and had only had them for about 5 months. She said that she was able to get them onto her hands and then proceeded to show me by shoving her hand in the cage and cornering Nello and forcing her onto her hand. The way in which she did this makes me think that they have a had a stressful life with her and have made them very conscious of hands.
When I started hand training after letting them settle into their new home etc, it took only a couple of days before they would come to the food in my hand at the side of the cage. Due to this bit of trust, I started letting them out whilst I was cleaning their cage and then afterwards hand training them whilst the sat on the play gym/perch on the top of their cage. This was all fine for a couple of weeks, and I was beginning to gain some trust with them.
However, whilst I was doing this, I dropped the millet spray and made a fast movement with my hand to catch it, scaring them into flying onto my curtain rail. Since then, everytime they are out of their cage, it is the only place that they will go, and stay there for hours. I suspect this is because I have very high ceilings and therefore the curtain rail is high up. Unfortunatly, this means that I cannot access them to train them.
I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to stop them flying up there and to hand train them better? I realise it's still early days but due to the stress I think they received in their previous homes it's proving harder to get them to trust me. Any tips are very welcome!!

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Feb 9, 2016
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I would start training them inside their cage for now, until you can rebuild trust with them.


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Nov 6, 2013
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May 14, 2016
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You'll get lots of great advice here. Good for you for reaching out.
I am afraid you may be facing the same dilemma that I face. Training vs Clipping. My bird is fully flighted and pretty much does as he pleases. The way I get him in the cage is to toss a chile pepper (his favorite treat) in and he hops in. To train him, I believe I'd have to clip his wings. Fortunately, he is affectionate and loves to perch on my shoulder, so here's that advantage.
Meanwhile, now that you've found us... take any issue or topic which interests you, and use the Search Tab to read, read, read about it. I do that a lot. The people here are an amazing source of information, advice, and support.

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