1. oliver_is_the_best_birb

    Help with harness training!

    My bird had a bad experience with the harness and I really want him to get used to it. He runs away from even the sight of it! I have it dangling on a perch by his cage but it doesn't seem to be working. Help!
  2. S

    Harness training

    Hello everyone! I’ve had my sun conure for a bit of time now and she’s now fully tame. It is currently winter where I live so I thought I’d buy the EZ harness and start training her so that when the warmer weather comes back, I can take her out with me. My question is how long does it typically...
  3. L

    Force a cockatiel's harnass training?

    Hi, So my cockatiel's quarantine has just finished and she's still getting introduced to my budgies and getting used to everything. I'm planning on eventually getting a harness for her and training her, but I've seen some video's on youtube and I've seen different ways of people handling the...
  4. A

    Anti-bite harness

    Hello I’ve seen this anti bite harness for parrots ( I have two GCCs) and I wondered if they were really anti bite or this is just clickbait. It’s on eBay here’s the link...
  5. A

    Choosing a harness?

    Hey everyone I want to harness train my 2 green cheek conures but I don’t know what kind of brand is the best for conures that is not too expensive. I wondered if you could tell me what do you use and what’s your advice on choosing a harness and also if you know some things to avoid? Thank you...
  6. lugiasuicune

    GCC Harness Training, Impossible to put wings through...

    So this is my first post here. I have exhausted any ideas I have or anything I could research online so I decided it would probably be best to ask others! I have been training my one year old, greencheek conure, Gordi, to wear an aviator harness for almost 3 months now. At this point, my green...
  7. I

    A Kermit Training Update

    Hey all, I posted a while back about my progress with harness training. That was about a month ago. I'm happy to say Houston, we have progress https://youtu.be/slXR_KX1QTA I've been pretty busy so this is only with a 10-15 minute training session per day (which is shared with the second piece...
  8. M

    Harness Training Update

    Hi again lol so I’ve been working with my 3 year old sun conure Mari for a few days now. At first she hid in my shirt from the harness. Now, I hold it up and put some seeds in front of her and the only way she can eat the seeds is if she puts her head thru the hole of the harness. And she’s on...
  9. M

    Harness Training

    Hi! I bought my first harness for my three year old female sunconure. She’s extremely friendly towards me. We share such an amazing bond. So the weather is getting a lot warmer and I want to be able to take Mari out with me so I ordered a harness. I knew it was going to be difficult because Mari...
  10. I

    One step forward, 5 steps backwards [harness training]

    Over a year ago I ordered a harness for Kermit with the hope that, someday, I could get her to wear it. I really didn't have many expectations on timeline. I took it slowly, made a game with wearing rubber bands to get her used to something around her neck, and ultimately got her to the point...
  11. dantes_beak

    Training for baby alexandrine

    Hi all :) I am excited to join the community and learn as much as I can. I have had my 4 month old alexandrine for two weeks now and already love him to bits. I got him from a fantastic breeder who hand-raised him and gave him a very loving start to life. At this stage, he knows how to step...
  12. Zack

    My Cockatiel won't let me touch his wings, what do I do?

    My Cockatiel hates it when I touch his wings and I want to put a harness on him, so what do I do? :yellow1:
  13. Violet_Diva

    Harness Help : Selection - Training - Use !

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a flight harness for my Bella (she's a vosmaeri eclectus.) I'm guessing there's going to be different brands available and I'm not really sure where to start. Are they all typically of the same quality or are there any to be avoided? I'd hate to buy...
  14. Roanoke

    Outdoor Picture Thread

    I brought Teeko outside for the second time earlier! He's doing well with the suit, still nibbles on it though. Just look at him enjoying the fresh air! All the leaves are shining a vibrant green, coated with droplets from the rain last night. Took him over to see the goats- they were ever...
  15. veimar

    Aviator harness for the lovebird?

    I wonder if anyone uses harness to take their lovies out? I have Aviator petite that I use for my gcc and tiel, but I was thinking maybe I can put it on Coco as well? Or would it be too big? She is pretty large for a lovie, and her body is not smaller than my gcc's, just shorter and bulkier...
  16. Roanoke

    Are FlightSuits an option?

    Me and Teeks are getting along swimmingly and I'd love to be able to spend more time with him. However, I've had trouble finding time to spend with him the past couple days. Often my dad is playing loud music, which scares him, and sometimes the front door is open so that we can get some...
  17. S

    Aviator leash and harness

    Aviator leash and harness for 2 year old green cheek conure :green2:/1 year old cockatiels ::grey: yellow1:: Good idea or bad idea? Wings are clipped but want it just so I can take them out more often. Do you guys own any? What are some good durable ones? Any information would be helpful Thanks!
  18. S

    Umbrella Cockatoo

    I have a 1 year old Umbrella cockatoo, and have recently been attempting to use a flight suit on him. It has been 3 months now of introducing him to thr harness, janging it in his cage, letting him play wiyh it, and just simply laying in on top of him. Yet he still hates it I yried to put iy on...
  19. LoveMyParrots

    Ozzie outside in the Aviator Harness!!!

    So, today, I took Ozzie outside in his aviator harness for the first time! He has been doing very well! He didn't bite at all, will let me lift his wings up with no problem, didn't try to get away, and will let me take the harness off him. Since its the first time, I only stayed out for about...
  20. Aims

    Woohoo.. we have harness success!

    Jax Actually let me put his harness on... a bird that not long ago wouldn't let you stroke his back or touch his head... the head is still an iffy place. I can't believe it, i just thought on a whim oh it's been on top of his cage for ages lets see if he'll let me put it anywhere near him...