help with my baby

  1. I

    still weaning green cheek conure

    Hi my baby's name is ivy and i dont know the hatch date but they are fully feathered and are currently at 3 feedings i got them last saturday i dont know how to post anywhere else so im gonna ask my question here(if you can tell me how that would be great) they were eating 3 feedings yesterday...
  2. A

    Help Help Help Alexandrine Issues

    Hey Guys - I have an Alex and he is 3 on Saturday 18/7/15. He has just started this new thing where he will regurgitate on 2 of his perches/ toys. He will get caught up in what he is doing and will do it for what feels like forever... But when I catch him I distract him and get him away from it...
  3. Xraysrrad

    New Owner and New to site

    Hello All, I am the proud parent of a 5 month old crimson-bellied conure, Bodhi. I have ALWAYS wanted a feathered companion, but have worked in healthcare and typically worked very long hours and shifts. I am currently not working in healthcare and work from home, so I have finally...
  4. R

    Help! my eclectus had a baby

    My female eclectus hatched an egg! I taught her abstinence. What could have gone wrong? The baby is about 3 day old. Now I know why she was acting strange. Totally unprepared to be a grandparent where do I go for quick accurate information? Bedding,formula,handling,special food for female...
  5. BirdLady93

    screaming sun conure. please help before I lose him.

    I have a baby Sun Conure. He is about 7-8 months old. His scream is really bad. It's gotten that bad that my partner is considering rehoming him. And I can't have that. This bird is my baby. When we got him he was taking the place of our green cheek so we were awear the noise levels would go up...