1. tmay


    Hi I’m new to the forum and also a new owner of a sun conure and yes, I’m very excited for both! I live in Denver and am concerned about a tropical bird and it’s dry climate environment ( our humidity seldom sees more than 30% ) Should this be a concern and if so, what ways are best to correct...
  2. ernietheringneck

    sneezing 4 week old ringneck & owner nerves

    this might be a little long, but i’m going to try and make it as thorough as possible. just two days ago i purchased a 4 week old indian ringneck from a reputable breeder in my area. i know many advise against getting parrots this young, and for very good reason, but i’ve had much past...
  3. L

    Bird Health & Anxiety

    So my caique is a few months old, and he has been sneezing a little. Mostly in my room. The humidity was 30 and temp about 70, a few times dropped slightly. I spoke to one of the avian vets already that I have always taken my parrots to, and he said it sounded environmental and said time would...
  4. F

    Best Humidity Gauges

    Hi All, Like most lifelong animal keepers, I consider myself to be a fairly good judge of humidity levels in the home terrariums and zoo exhibits under my care. But when I began working in new buildings equipped with state-of-the-art hygrometers (humidity gauges), I quickly realized that...