indian ringneck parakeet

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    Help New to rising a Baby IRN

    Hello I am trying to get some help with people that have more experience with these types of birds. I have a 5-7 week old Indian Ringneck. I got it about 2 weeks ago. It was growing really nicely and was climbing his cage, which then we upgraded him to a bigger cage, so he could have more...
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    Indian ringneck baby

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and am a new bird owner, Eli has only been with me for 2 weeks now and is 11 weeks of age. He's starting to come out of his shell a bit more now, and is starting to explore around 🙂 now my question is, do you guys think his head will go white, blue or stay a...
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    My baby Eli, 11 weeks old
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    Indian Ringneck gender

    Hello, I got this green ringneck parakeet yesterday and I am interested to know its gender so that I can name it. Hence I was wondering if any experienced breeder can tell me the gender of my ringneck. Here is a picture. Thank you in advance for your help
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    Ringneck medicine

    Is animec oral 1% 1.5 ml per litre ok for my 2-3 year old indian ringneck?
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    Weighing IRN

    Hello new friends! I got a sweet little IRN from a breeder in May. She is now 5 months old. In the process of training, she went into her first molt and bluffing stage. While still playful and sweet, she has no desire to be touched. I give her TLC all day and her body language and vocals tell me...
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    help with aggressive ringneck

    Hi there! it's my first time using a forum so forgive me am not sure how this works but here I go, I have 2 indian ringnecks (male and female) they're about 2 years old and I have managed to sort of hand tame the female, she doesn't bite (anymore at least), she steps up (not all the time...
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    ISO Female Violet CHCT Indian Ringneck

    :blue2: ISO Female Violet CHCT Indian Ringneck / Preferably Young and Tame
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    Two black dots on the side of my baby Ringnecks tongue

    Hello, my 4 month old baby lutino indian ringneck has two small black dots on the side of his tongue. I've tried to search for information online and I can't find much on the subject matter. One suggested vitamin A deficiency. If anyone knows what this could mean please do tell! Thanks
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    Trying to decide what parrot to get

    Hello all! I am starting to consider getting a new bird. I had a lovebird for 14 years, who just passed recently, leaving a birdie-shaped hole in my heart. The main factors I'm considering are: -I'll be renting for the foreseeable future. I'll be moving out of my current apartment in less...