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    It's been 6 months, 0 progress.

    Alright, today was the first time I scolded my IRN. Literally, after months and months of trying to build trust, being extremely patient to all sorts of biting and misbehaviour, and getting him used to his environment, he still has some absolute hatred for me. Scratch that, it's not me, it's my...
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    Dyring indian parakeet

    He is apprimately a month old he is not being able to balance itself, his bodyt emperature is cold compared to before when it was warm, he is sleeping all the time, his stool was brownish black and after a day it returned tot he usual dark green he is still eating but no like before please of...
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    Amazing Talking Parrots Video on YouTube

    Hi. I have come across this amazing talking parrots video on YouTube at Parrots talking to Gurudeva at Shuka Vana, India - YouTube. It is simply superb! Watch it and enjoy. :green1:
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    Indian RIngneck 2-4 months old

    hi please help how tame and what should i feed to my new ringneck? he has been 2 days old with me now.. he is quite, when i try to gave of some mixed parrot foods (seeds).. i think he didnt like it or even touch.. :31: :yellow2: :green2: