1. K

    Weak 3 days old lovebird chick

    Greeting everyone. I?m new to the forum, but seems like I need help. Our lovebirds hatched. Two of them are doing completely fine and are raised by parents. But the thorn one is 5-7 days younger. We found him near to the bogger chicks almost without movement. We were trying to separate bigger...
  2. F

    Found mold on our GCC's water bowl in her sleeping cage - please take care!

    UPDATE: Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments, I put this in the description of the video but I don't think it was clear... So we clean our water bowls and food bowls daily. We went on a trip for a few days and during the trip, this water bowl was not used by anyone. Our pet sitter used SS...
  3. gavagai

    Vinegar-probiotic cycle

    I my first period with parrots, the vet we used, who had parrots himself, said that every three months we should put apple cider vinegar in the water for a week or two (I forget which at this point), followed by probiotics for the same period. I followed those instructions until I lost my sun...