Weak 3 days old lovebird chick


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Jul 21, 2021
Greeting everyone. I?m new to the forum, but seems like I need help.
Our lovebirds hatched. Two of them are doing completely fine and are raised by parents. But the thorn one is 5-7 days younger. We found him near to the bogger chicks almost without movement. We were trying to separate bigger ones, put him close to the parents, etc. Parents do not pay attention to him and do not warm him. They were only looking for the bigger ones.
He is very small and weak.
We don?t have any experience in breeding parrots. We are not breeders and will avoid this situation in future.
Yesterday we have visited avian vet and she said that it is unfortunately he survive, so we should continue to hand feed him, put under infra red lamp, but chances are low. Vet has not indicated any other problems or infections.
I have read that possible cause could be an infection, but we are not sure, bet hasn?t said anything. He has dark area around navel, but I can?t find any information if it is normal. Isn?t it a sign of infection? (Photo attached)
Any help highly appreciated


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Welcome Kaya!

Thanks for trying to rescue this one. I love lovebirds and would like to see this one succeed!

Please, which species of lovebird are we talking about? Are there any other eggs to hatch?

Why do you think the little one is weak and not took care off?

Babies can be very still in their early days as they spent mostly sleeping. They also require a constant but not prolonged attention of their parents as they eat little portions at that phase.

Have you removed the baby from the nest or is the baby still in the nest with the others?

Three days old is very young to start handfeeding and of course, desperate times might lead to that, still would you consider to hand feed all the babies and let them with the parents for another 10 days? A lovebird 2 weeks old is already in a good shape to be removed from the nest and handfed.

Keeping the old ones fed would reduce competition for their parents food and give the young one a chance. Moreover, being less than a week old, the baby would be better off receiving their parents digestive enzymes.

If you are willing to handfeed only the youngest, please put a small object (egg size) close to the baby. It will give support for his body to rest in a good position. At that age (3 days old) he needs to be checked and fed every half an hour and kept warm 24 hours per day. As the baby progress, you must spread the times between handfeeding as it is important to give time for the craw to empty before the next meal.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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