1. A

    Need General Help I Cant Find Anywhere Else

    4 days ago, I adopted a baby/very young Green Cheek. The breeder gave me some formula, taught me how to feed and practically sent me on my way. As of now my messages are no longer being responded to and I can't find info anywhere. I'm not aware of its age, but it is almost completely fully...
  2. birbsRcool

    My opinion on the term "starter bird"

    :21::angel-smiThis is my opinion and not trying to sound rude! :angel-smi So you want a bird. You've done research and a bird is right for you. But you don't know exactly WHAT bird you want to get. You know you want a catalina macaw, but everyone says "oh nooo get a budgie or cockatiel those...
  3. CallumConure

    Macaw Questions

    Apologies if this has already been posted or if I'm posting in the wrong spot. I'm new, so bear with me. I'm making this thread asking what it's like to live with a macaw. I've probably seen every "You want a Macaw?" "Don't get a macaw, unless..." "Living with a macaw" video I can find. Ever...
  4. K


  5. O

    Tell me all about the Miligold Quirks!

    I have recently been offered the opportunity to potentially adopt a Miligold female. She prefers women to men because in her previous home, she was abused by a male. Now I want to make sure that I can be the best possible home for her, therefore I want to know the truth of this hybrid when it...
  6. Y

    Green Aracari Info

    Hello! I was looking into the Green Aracari, well I have been for awhile now! and I was wondering if anyone else owned one that could share some pointers with me? I read about it but more info on their diet would be great! Also how messy are they poop-wise? Thanks!
  7. happycat

    More about Kakarikis

    Not much is really known about kakarikis, and not everything I'll say is 100% (of course, also depends on individual birds too) but I'm going to say what I know about my kak ( we named him Kirby) and some facts Kaks are from New Zealand Kaks love shoulders and hair they will sit in your hair...