1. L

    Conure Adoption!

    Hello! I'm very excited to be getting a Conure after wanting one for years :D I've done a ton of research but is there any tips/things I should watch out for as a first time (Conure) owner? The little guy I'm adopting is 4 years old and should be getting him this week :)
  2. JozieBear

    Macaw info

    I've never had a bird to be real I've done so much researching on macaws and they're needs and care I've been told that I should go for a Green Cheek Conure for a " beginners " bird Im home 24/7 or I'm outside gardening with my dogs yes I have dog's I have 4 I adore them but I really like to get...
  3. Z

    Would I be able to give a Congo Grey a good life?

    Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted a scarlet macaw. And throughout my life I've learned that a green wing macaw would probably be a better choice due to their temperament. Then I went to considering a harlequin macaw and even possibly a hyacinth macaw. And I've basically been set my entire life...
  4. O

    Question about baby parrots!

    I heard from someone that most of the time, when a parrot has a clutch, the hatchlings are all the same gender. I was curious as to if this was true? If a hatchling is DNA'd female, how likely is it that the rest of the clutch is female as well?
  5. F

    Helpful Info for Aspiring Bird Owners? :)

    Hello everyone! I could use your help. :) I am a small parrot owner and animal enthusiast who spends a lot of time and effort researching and caring properly for my companion animals. I am an advocate for animal awareness and well-being, and this has spurred me to write a paper on "Pet Store...
  6. R

    Turquoisine info please? (Grass Parakeet)

    I brought home my 2 new birds today, but I really don't know much about 1 of them. It is a Turquoisine. He's so tiny and just sits there (he did that even at the breeder's house.) I've always wanted one, and now I have him, but don't know too much about how they are as PETS. All I know is that...
  7. B

    Calling all Red front Macaw Owners!

    I have been doing research for two years on what kind of macaw is right for me and Im leaning toward the Red Front but the guy at the store was just trying to sell a bird and would not tell me the cons of owning these birds. He told me they were cuddly like the hyacinth macaw but not as loud as...
  8. M

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, My name is Michelle Miles and I am brand new to I currently own one Cinnamon Green Conure who i bought at seven weeks old and handfed myself. He's a handful, but that's why I love him so much! I am also the Little Rock Birds Examiner for I write...