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    ISO reputable Congo African grey breeder

    I’m looking for a CAG breeder with reasonable prices! Please reply to this if you have any suggestions. They must ship since I can’t travel out of state (Pennsylvania). Thank you!
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    Looking to give a parrot a forever home

    I live in Grand Blanc michigan, postal code 48439 and I have a cage and a lot of food ready for a parrot! I’m looking for a free parrot who needs to be rehomed!
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    ISO: Miligold Macaw

    Looking for a Miligold Macaw. Preferably a male and under the age of 4. I am a pet home-- I do not breed. Lots of experience. I have been fostering parrots for our local rescue for many years, but am now searching for my first personally-owned Macaw <3 :green2: