1. K

    The Start Of My Journey With Kiwi

    I was given a macaw for my birthday, January 26 that I was very unprepared for. Kiwi is my adorable harlequin macaw. Her birthday is August 13 and she is about 6 months old. She has her own room with her cage taking up 95% of the space. I want her to have the best life possible so I'm trying to...
  2. Little poser.jpg

    Little poser.jpg

    Kiwi likes having pictures taken.
  3. Lost Peach Face Lovebird At Choa Chu Kang

    Lost Peach Face Lovebird At Choa Chu Kang

    For those found Kiwi at Lost her at Blk 444 Choa Chu Kang, Please write mail to [email protected]
  4. wibitywab

    Bird Blog

    Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right place to put this topic in, but I wanted to know if anyone else thought this was a good idea. The idea is to make a blog about my hahn's macaw baby kiwi, almost everyday, and from the time I get to take her home. This will mostly be for if we...
  5. Kiwi


    A sweet Green cheeked conure named kiwi she's 2 years old but I've only had her for a few weeks. She's seems to love the camera. ;)