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    They are pet rocks

    I’ve seen some people refer to eclectus as boring, “display” birds that never move except to eat and poop! Is this true? Do they just sit there? I feel like this is rooted in a lack of appropriate care and attention but I want to hear some other opinions because I really love these birds (I’m...
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    Unenthusiastic Kakariki?

    So, I have a buttercup kakariki called Cheese. Right now I'm doing target training. He does it pretty good, however he doesn't bother to move. He will rotate his head, even stretch his head a bit but he will not move at all! Not even one step, he's just that lazy. I even change treats from...
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    New lovebird, need help!!

    Hello there, this is my first post on this site and forgive me for my bad english and if this discussion was made before. I used to have 2 cute lovebirds, male and a female, and they were bonded together nicely for about a year and they even made babies!. Although one day the male sadly died...
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    Lazy baby or Sick Baby??? =_=

    i have recently perched my 11 weeks old male eclectus and it doesnt seem like his posture is right. His not groping onto the perch tight, seems like his feet are straight sometimes. I never realised it untill recently, he doesnt seem very active and his wings looks floppy. His feet doesnt seem...
  5. Being lazy

    Being lazy

    Alliee laying in my hand