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    GCC Leg Issue

    Hello. I'm new to this forum but I have come because I am wondering if anyone has had experience with a bird experiencing lameness like symptoms following injection at a vet. I took my green checked conure To the vet because his poop looked a little weird and they ran a bunch of tests and they...
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    Cockatiel not able to stand

    I left my cockatiel out of the cage to clean it. When I returned back after cleaning it , he got scared and jumped / tried to fly but came down at that vey spot. When I saw him he had his right wing open fully, I lifted him to check what happened, but I saw nothing physical , I placed him in the...
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    Leg amputation within a week?!

    Hi all, I am a very concerned owner. My female green cheek conure, Asura, is 6-8 months old and has a swollen, bruise-coloured and probably fractured ankle. The foot from the ankle and below is also slightly turned. I have attached 2 pictures (her feathers are hiding the top part of her ankle...
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    Parakeet with wounded foot/leg

    HI. Our parakeet is between 5 and 8 years old. Between wing clippings she got startled and flew to the window sill but then fell to the floor (6 weeks ago). Her wings were not hurt (checked by a friend who is a more experienced bird owner) but one of her feet doesn't seem to work right anymore...
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    Leg Band Question

    I've been trying to find out where my BHC came from. His leg band reads "ITSF", followed by "FL" (which is on the side) and then 189. Any ideas who's the breeder? Any help would be greately appreciated!