1. D

    Lighting for cage

    Hey All - I had a cage made that surrounds my bird cage when I’m not home and at night. I also use it outside. This cage is made out of pine and stainless steel 1/4” netting. I slide their 3 tier cage into it when I’m not home, when they go to bed at night and when they go outside. Anyway...
  2. D

    Winter is Coming - Help/Advice needed!

    Hello y'all! I am a new parront living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am new to Alaska, and especially to caring for a parrot in Alaska! I have a 2(ish) year old GCC named Mochi. I adopted her 3 weeks ago from a family in Anchorage that was moving to Florida and could not keep her. We just had her...
  3. P


    I am going to be moving in with someone who has cats so my bird Will be contained to a single room when I am at work She's a GCC. The room has little to no natural sunlight. Can anyone recommend to me a good sun lamp/ regular lamp to keep on my bird while I am out so she is not in the dark? Any...
  4. M

    Full Spectrum Bulbs (featherbrite) safety

    I just got in today and found that my umbrella Alby had somehow managed to pull his lamp to his cage and crack the featherbrite bulb. I know these bulbs contain mercury. I have disposed of the broken bulb and searched thoroughly for any small pieces on the ground. What should I do now? How...
  5. tkymichelle

    Breeding Parrotlets and Full Spectrum Lighting?

    Hi all, I recently acquired a proven and bonded pair of parrotlets whom I would like breed. I've read about full spectrum lighting that is beneficial for breeder birds especially in the Canadian winters. Anyone know how much light they should be getting and at what times? Thanks in advance. :)
  6. R

    Lighting Behavior

    I bought a Feather Brite bulb a few weeks ago and a desk clamp lamp to use with it. Pepper (my Nanday) is afraid of the lamp, so I Ave had it gradually moved closer to the cage over the past couple of weeks. Today it is positioned properly above the cage. She was mildly displeased, but I put her...
  7. E

    Black feathers on a conure

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help! My Green Cheek Esme has black feathers down both of her sides and they are getting worse. I have included a picture (hopefully). She seems well enough in herself and eats veggies. I am currently transitioning her across to Harrisons...
  8. handfedhandfuls

    Breeding: Aviary Lighting too bright for nest box?

    Hi, I just redid my ENTIRE aviary!!! Woohoo, what a feat! New custom cages, nest boxes, food hoppers, lighting, everything! My life is much easier in the mornings now haha. I do have one concern though... The lighting I bought, which are 4' T5 6400K full spectrum strip lights that I mounted to...
  9. F

    Combo Hoods for UVA, UVB, Heat' and Night Bulbs

    Hi All, Although I have kept reptiles and amphibians since childhood, and worked in zoos for most of my adult life, I remain amazed by the array of herp-care innovations that are available to us today. True, not all are necessary (and some are downright ridiculous!), but many are...
  10. Grenage

    Winter daylight (or lack of it)

    Greetings again, How do those of you handle lighting for your birds at this time of year? It's dark when I get home (1745), and I don't like Aizen going from dark/light/dark all the time, so I turn the light on when home, and leave it on until it's his bed time (2100-2200). Light-bulbs aren't...
  11. Pionus

    Question about Lighting

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what kind of lighting (full spectrum?) you use for your birds? Or your opinion on lightning? And if you use lighting for your birds, what brand/type do you use? I know there's been questions on this before, but i'm mostly interested on what everyone uses (or...