linnie lineolated

  1. snubun

    What does a rapid clicking noise mean from a linnie parakeet?

    Hi guys! We adopted a linnie 3 days ago and she has been adjusting well, but i noticed she sometimes makes a rapid clicking noise and I can't tell whether its positive or negative. So far she has done it when my bf leaned over her cage, or while she was playing with her toy, and when she was...
  2. H

    Can I have a parrotlet AND lineolated parakeet?

    Hi guys! I have a male pacific parrotlet (Wilson) who has just turned one, he’s very confident and friendly but can be quite sassy. Loves meeting new people and pets and talking to other birds on the phone but has never met another bird before. I have been wanting to get another bird for a...
  3. V

    How to Bond With a Baby Linnie?

    I recently acquired a 2-months-old Lineolated Parakeet and I am wondering what a good way to bond with him is? He is really not fond of being handled at this stage and I don't really know how to get him to enjoy being handled. He was hand-fed by the breeder I got him from. I did have a...