What does a rapid clicking noise mean from a linnie parakeet?


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May 16, 2024
Pineapple GCC, Lineolated Parakeet
Hi guys! We adopted a linnie 3 days ago and she has been adjusting well, but i noticed she sometimes makes a rapid clicking noise and I can't tell whether its positive or negative. So far she has done it when my bf leaned over her cage, or while she was playing with her toy, and when she was near my conure. When she did it near my conure, she combined it with a slight lean toward her, which I assumed meant she was feeling aggressive or overstimulated at the time. But it confuses me because before that interaction, she had run up to my conure to ask for scritches.
Can any other linnie owners offer insight? Thanks!
Anything like this
I'm guessing it's just fun, self-expression flirting, playing.
Clicking could be a form of beak grinding, a sign of contentment.

some raptors like owls click their beaks for intimidation/agression.
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Thanks guys! After some more observing, she seems to make that noise both when something is unfamiliar or scary, and also to express discontent about something near her.

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