liver disease

  1. PicklesTheKakariki

    Problem with my kakariki's feet

    My pet Pickles (kakariki) has had yellowish toes and strange looking scales for about a month. I suspected it was mites at first and used scaly face and feet treatment according to the instructions. However, a week has passed and it hasn't changed at all... I'm starting to worry that he might...
  2. H

    Open to Suggestions - Budgie Regurgitation Problem

    Hello everyone, I have just joined the forum. I have a yellow male budgie. In normal life, I have been feeding him primarily with "VERSELLE LAGA Prestige Budgie" seeds including oats, safflower, millet. Apart from these seeds, each day (only once a day) we are giving a very small...
  3. C

    Please Help!!! Liver disease.

    Please Help, I've just signed up to this forum today after finding out my pet Amazon codi has got liver disease. We got him from a family friend last June or July and since then he has been predominantly on a seed diet as we were told that's what to feed him, as I learned more he's been...
  4. M

    R.I.P Gracey

    My African Grey, Gracey, passed away in the car on my way to my home in florida on 12/13/13. She was 15 year old. I've been through all the emotions. I took her to a local avian vet to have a necropsy performed. Apparently my little girl was extremely sick. She had a very enlarged heart, very...
  5. T

    Help! Green Cheek with liver and heart issues.

    So, my green cheek, Toots, started acting sick about a week and a half ago. At first I thought she had something contagious, like a cold, but she only acted lethargic for a day before she snapped out of it. Everything went back to normal for a few days, until during the night, she fell from her...