1. S

    New to this forum

    Hello ny message us Sherry and I own a one year old African grey Congo. He just had blood work done and his liver enzymes are high. Any feedback is more than welcome
  2. M

    Please Help! Out of options ..

    Please help!!! My parrot, Buddy, has been battling various medical issues for over a year now. The vets still don't know how to get whatever he's got under control. I have expended way beyond my budget in vet visits, tests, medicine, supplements, etc and have no more money left. I am hoping...
  3. Z

    Green stripes on my Female Eclectus

    I got her at 2 weeks old. She will be 2 years old on June 21st 2014. She weaned and eats Zupreme pellets just fine. Fruity kind. As well as fruits and veggies. Starting a few months ago she started getting green "Spots" on her back. She does not pluck and her behavior has not changed. Could she...
  4. WannaBeAParrot

    Hi from me and Pritti.

    We've been away from the forum for several weeks and missed seeing and hearing everyone's news, stories, photos and thoughts. I have a lot of reading to catch up. Just a quick update. A bunch of y'all know Pritti was in hospital before Xmas with seizure, fluid around heart and enlarged liver...
  5. WannaBeAParrot

    Pritti's check-up today.

    He did pretty well at his 6-month checkup today, considering he was toweled 4 times, blood test, cultures, xrays, nails groomed, feathers clipped, got nail caught on my blouse while clinging at the back of my neck. He's so nuts when they try to get hold of him, but then he's still and lets the...