Pritti's check-up today.


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Jul 5, 2012
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Pritti (Cherry-Head Conure) -- Fly in Peace my beautiful boy. Forever I'll love you.
He did pretty well at his 6-month checkup today, considering he was toweled 4 times, blood test, cultures, xrays, nails groomed, feathers clipped, got nail caught on my blouse while clinging at the back of my neck. He's so nuts when they try to get hold of him, but then he's still and lets the do whAt they need to.

Interesting results. A-vet showed me in an xray that the hourglass shape u can see of the torso is looking more straight than curvy due to slightly enlarged heart and liver. Another xray showed a very small piece of metal in Pritti's gizzard. I am so careful about metals, so I was shocked. Dr. Said he wasn't very concerned about the tiny piece. Pritti still has polyuria ongoing from 6 months ago. We are going to give him an herbal nutrition supplement to support his kidneys, twice a day which gets mixed for each tiny dose.

Overall, Dr said he is a young 31 and in pretty good shape. He's been extra clingy for the past few hours sinc getting home, snuggled now in my neck under my hair. He's so warm and soft and comfie, but is bed time 4 the little guy.
Sounds like the check up was ok! I'm curious to know what supplement he'll be getting though.
Great to hear Pritti is doing great! How long will he need to take the herbal nutritional supplement.
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Sounds like the check up was ok! I'm curious to know what supplement he'll be getting though.

It's a brown grainy powder of a lot of things that the a-vet mixes up himself. Instructions are to mix one teeny tiny spoon (they supplied) with 2 cc of water and then give it by syringe twice a day. I skip the syringes and disguise it in 2 cc of juice and put it on a speck of bread for him to eat. Much saner for both of us that way.

@BoomBoom -- the duration depends on how he does with it -- if he stops losing so much fluid in his poops, then it worked and he may need it forever to support his li'l old-man kidneys. But the only way to know would be to take him off it and see if it returns. But for now, it will be a couple of months to start.

It's so weird to think of Pritti as old-man parrot issues because he can be so active that he'll wear out a couple of humans, running fast, climbing like crazy, playing, etc. But going to the vet is a little dose of his aging reality.
I wonder what he puts into it! I know allopurinal is recommended if the kidneys get really bad, and there are things such as celery and celery seed along with black cherry juice which is good for the kidneys... but it's kind of scary to see the black cherry juice come out the other end! LOL

I hope the supplement helps him!
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Oh boy... I can imagine what the cherry juice is like. Have had a fright or two when i forgot i gave him sweet red bell peppers.

If i can find out what it is, i will pm you. I did some research and found a list of which fresh produce would be best for birdie kidneys.
I remembered another... adzuki I think it was? Ya, adzuki if cooked is also supposedly good for kidneys, and quinoa may be, too.

Thanks! :)

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