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    In dire need of advice - Need to move out of a bad situation ASAP but have a pair of macaws.

    Hello. I’m based in Australia, and I currently live in a not so amazing position. 2 years ago I got and raised a pair of macaws (both 2 years old), and they are my whole world. I suffer with an array of mental conditions and PTSD, so having companions helps, as I struggle to do things and have...
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    Help with budgie and macaw chicks temperatures

    I dont own any macaws but i was just wondering what temperature do you need to keep the chicks at when hand rearing from day one. Also i was wondering the same about budgies. Does anyone have charts for the 2 species also including how often to feed ( I know how much to feed is 10% of the body...
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    My flock

    Oliver my 35 year old military macaw Miss Maybel my 14 year old severe macaw Jack my 6 year old greenwing macaw
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    in search of any birds in California except small birds

    Looking for a birdie.... Anything cockatoos, greys, macaws, jardine's, anything that's not tiny and can learn to talk...will drive anywhere in California to pick up....parrot forums won't let me direct message. :red1: This is for my dad he has had several years of experience with several kinds...