macaw blue and gold

  1. P

    Bonded Macaws

    I own two Blue and Gold Macaws, one male and one female. T I let my parrots out at 10:00 every morning and they go back into their cages at 18:00, my macaws are free flighted and the whole living room is free for them to roam with playstands scattered around the room. These two macaws spend...
  2. Stephmol

    Please help - from a Daughter for her Mum x

    Hello everyone, I'm so glad I've found this forum and I am hoping I've found the right community of people to help .. My family Golden Blue Macaw, Mickey, suddenly and unexpectantly passed away on Saturday and my poor mum, Lisa, is in bits. Having a parrot for over twenty years is like having...
  3. Vincent