macaw training

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    New Macaw Owner!

    Hello all, Very excited to introduce myself as a brand new baby macaw owner. Yesterday my fiance and I bought a 5 month old baby B&G. He (Barry) is so precious, he is an absolute love bug! We are so happy, we have both wanted a parrot since we were small children! We recently bought our...
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    Blue gold macaw won't stop yelling pls help

    Hello! I'm new here. About 2 years ago me and my husband got a rescued blue gold macaw. Looks like he's been abused because he was in a really bad shape and he's plucking his feathers. The problem we are having now is that recently he started yelling in the early morning for a looong time. He...
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    CONFUSED *read please *don't skip

    i went to go visit the macaw at the rescue the address i received brought me to the foster home. this lady was more of a cockatoo person she had over ten all given up (no surprise). the blue and gold macaw name is buddy he is 10 he has 2 owners the first was a male had him since he was weaned...
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    Has anyone used birdtricks dot com?

    I was thinking about purchasing a training package or two from them because I like their newsletter. I would like to hear what other people think before I make the investment.
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    Object distinguishment, tests

    We have a channel some of you may be interested in, if you are interested in macaw intelligence/macaw training/birds at all. Some of our videos are just them being fuzzy, some are of training sessions. Haha. YouTube - ‪xBoogieStarx's Channel‬‏