male budgie

  1. H

    Gender Help

    Can someone tell me if they are boys or girls? I was told Hotdog was a boy and Layla was a girl is that correct? Sprite and Milky I'm not sure about.
  2. H

    Boy or girl?

    & Milky is one in the back
  3. Midnightstarian

    Male or female?

    I have a budgie who the pet store claims to be 8 weeks they told me it can't be sexed this young. I joined a facebook group and they told me the budgie cant be sexed this young. Now i'm confused and i don't think i trust either group so iv'e come here sense i feel like a lot of here people have...
  4. veimar

    four males and one female budgies?

    Hi guys! 💖 Haven't been here forever! My birds are doing great - just didn't have much time. Question!!! I have 3 male budgies among my other birds, and a friend of mine has someone who desperately needs to rehome two budgies, male and female, not a bonded pair. They are young, under a year...
  5. B

    Is my little fella boy or girl

    Hi just need help figuring out, or to be sure I should say that this little fella is a male.