male cockatiel

  1. S

    Need some help

    Hii, happy new year everyone! I start the year with yet an other headache. My two babies are really calm, they are cuddly, chaotic, and happy, but my male cockatiels is screaming like crazy. He is hungry? He screams. He wasn't to sleep more? He screams. He wants the vegetables and not the...
  2. Pearla7096

    Aggressions problem

    Hi, this is my first post, and I could really use some help with my bird's recent aggressive behavior. My bird is a little more than a year old, and I believe his aggression might be related to a mirror toy in his cage, possibly due to hormonal changes. Today, when I tried to let him step onto...
  3. K

    Male cockatiel strange behaviour

    Hi this is my first time on here. Im new to the entier cockatiel thing. At home i have 1 femake whos name is kiwi and 1 male whos name is guava. I got kiwi about 4 months ago and its been going great. Guava on thr other hand is quite new to the home. Lets say at max 1 month. At first everything...