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Jul 11, 2023
Two cockatiels, a male and a female
Hii, happy new year everyone!
I start the year with yet an other headache.
My two babies are really calm, they are cuddly, chaotic, and happy, but my male cockatiels is screaming like crazy. He is hungry? He screams. He wasn't to sleep more? He screams. He wants the vegetables and not the seeds? He screams. I can't understand what's wrong, initially I thought that maybe he was stressed or too bored, so I stared trying new games and toys, and ways to feed them. But he keeps screaming. So I noticed he does this when he wants certain thing, as I said before, is there a way to teach him to communicate in an other way? I don't mind them making sounds, but he screams so much my ears can't stand it anymore. I tried making signal for things, and repeat words on the things he usually wants, but most of the time I end up showing him everything and he keeps full volume screaming non-stop for even hours at times. I also tried ignoring him, cause maybe it was for attentions, nope, he still screams. I tried putting him in time out in the cage when he screams, he still screams inside the cage, yes even if I make it dark to calm him down, cause maybe he is just stressed.
The thing is, him screaming so much is stressing the female too, she gets nervous and avoids everyone, and starts flying around as if something scared her, they both start flying around screaming and it's chaos. But there's nothing really they might be afraid of, I checked.
He screams from the moment he wakes up. I am not sure how to teach him to not to anymore.
It's not normal parrot screaming neither, I've been having him for 2,5 years now, and this thing is absolutely new and annoying, I know we shouldn't be mad at animals for being animals, but something is wrong and I can't tell what. My head hurts like hell, I renamed him "my little beast of Satan" cause at this point is hell. I don't know what he wants, but I know I want him to feel better, cause all the screaming is stressing him as well. What can I do? I am desperate.

(Bonus photo of my dino-nuggets, I love them but my boy is really trying to make me consider actually deep frying him in to a one.)


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Jan 9, 2023
Quaker, 2 budgies
Sorry you’re dealing with this; I’ve been in that position with my Quaker parrot and it’s not fun. It sounds like you are trying a lot of the right things. The only other suggestion I have is to try teaching him to talk, “ softly.” I did this with my parrot and it did help. Basically, when he screams, quietly ask him to, “ talk softly,” and as soon as he makes a quieter noise reward him with soft praise, a favorite treat, or by giving him what it is he wants. Repeat over and over 😉. The only other possibility I can think of is if he’s seeing something scary ( maybe out a window?) or if he’s hormonal for some reason? Hope you work things out ❤️.

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