mating prevention

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    How to calm a male’s hormones

    Hello everyone, My boy lovebird has a hanging perch toy that he regurgitates on and grinds on. I took it away, but now he is trying to do it with a pillow, a new toy, maybe even me? He also makes this “click” sound and walks around in circles or back and forth when he likes a new object, and...
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    Conure troubles, son trying to mate with mother?

    Hey, I have 3 conures, one is a male(Cheeto) the other a female(Chappie) and the last one is their son(Babe) who came into the world by accident. You see, when I got Chappie and Cheeto, both of their birth certificates stated that they were both males, but a few months later Chappie had laid an...