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    Still researching, want some opinions!

    Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have seen posts I’ve made about many parrot species as im researching all my options! I’ve come to the forums today to get some opinions about my compatibility with a couple species These are: African greys (timneh mostly) Eclectus Amazons Hahns macaws Meyers...
  2. P

    Greetings and Questions from a new Meyer's Owner

    Hi everyone! I brought home a new baby Meyer's parrot, Penumbra Pen, a.k.a. Pen Pen, the last week of April, and the two of us have taken to each other in the weeks since. I've done a decent amount of reading, both elsewhere and on these forums, but with a little time and experience under my...
  3. K

    Safflower Seeds?

    My little Meyers will do anything for safflower seeds. She also loves to forage and have found many places in her cage to hide these little seeds to keep her busy. I probably hide about 10 in her cage and she has so much fun finding them, but I don’t want her to gain weight as well. How much...
  4. S

    Tips for getting a Meyers

    I can't figure out how to delete this please just ignore me
  5. S

    Trying to find the right bird for me

    Hi! I'm currently trying to find what bird would be best for me. I've been researching Meyers Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Senegal Parrots. I'm stuck and can't seem to figure out how to weigh the pros and cons I don't live in an apartment so if a bird is louder it's okay but I'm...
  6. A

    Meyers- Male vs female temperament

    Hi there. I've done a stack of research. And I'm thinking a Meyers is a good little package for me. Good amount of cuddles/low noise/ not one person bird/ laid back etc I am a female. And I'm wondering if there is much difference between male and female Meyers? Any recommendations? I have a 2yo...
  7. A

    Meyers Parrot- Male vs Female?

    Hi there, I have done Infinite amount of research on Meyers parrot and have decided they are the one for me. Good amount of cuddles/low noise/ not one person bird/ laid back etc I am a female. And I'm wondering if there is much difference between male and female Meyers? Any recommendations? I...
  8. O

    Senegal as a companion for Meyer's?

    Hi everyone! I have a Meyer's parrot, a female who is 4 years old. She has recently started to behave as if she wants to mate with me: she makes little noises, stands with her back towards me and lifts up her behind a little. It has first happened about a moth ago, exactly at the same time as...
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  10. M

    Very scared and territorial Meyer?

    I've had my Meyer, Charlie for 6 months now and he has been an absolute dream. He loves coming out of his cage and socializing and eating his favorite treat, Cheerios. However, something very odd happened yesterday. I put him back in his cage around 4pm when I left for work. I got home at 9pm...
  11. M

    Does my Meyer think of me as a mate or parent?

    Hello All, This is a question out of curiosity: I have had my 5-6 yr old male Meyer's parrot, Charlie, for almost 6 months and he has adapted very well to me and my family members. Having owned parrots before, I know there is a chance of mating like behavior and getting a male bird I expected...
  12. jbail1026

    Is a Meyers right for me?

    Hi Poi People! I have been toying with getting a bird of my own for a while now (I grew up with a YNA, budgie, lovebirds, Nanday...but I've been bird-less for a while now living on my own), and scanning Craig's List just in case...well, there is a 1 year old Meyers available and I am very...
  13. M

    Training a 5 yr-old Meyer?

    Hello All, I just created my account here and have a question that I hope someone can help me out with. :) I am currently talking to a woman looking to sell a 5 yr-old Meyers Parrot. The owner says he/she can step up and is fairly comfortable with hands. I have been looking for a Meyer in my...
  14. H

    My New Baby Meyers!!!

    Hey guys! So I am new to Meyer's Parrots but not to owning birds in general! I currently have a female Lutino Cockatiel and a Male Canary. I have had birds since I was a kid. I will be picking up my new baby Meyer's on the 10th, I am so excited! I've read and heard so much about these birds and...
  15. S

    New to the forum!

    Hello! New to the forum and hope to be helpful as well as receive help as a fellow parrot person. The hubs and I have a 4 year old Meyers Parrot, female, and she's the best! Recently I took in a BF Amazon as a foster. Her name is Del and she is 10 yrs old and came from a tough situation...
  16. H

    Should I Switch Their Cages?!

    I have a 1 1/2 yr old green cheek conure that I've had for about nine months now, and she is currently housed in a 22"x24"x35" Prevue Hendrix cage. She has been in this cage since I've owned her, and she seems to like it (though she doesn't seem to make use of all that space!). She is a pretty...