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  1. Rico_Tiel


    So, I have a budgie (cricket) and I got her in May. I think she’s a she, but now I’m starting to think she might be a he? Anyway… I believe she is mimicking my cockatiel, Rico. And this just started today. She makes a quiet, version of Rico’s fear/angry-at-the-human screech. At least, it sounds...
  2. vljenewein

    Talking Budgie OR other Parrot... Need only one?

    If you are looking for a budgie to talk, will it happen if you have 2 Budgies? In the parrot world does it take just a single parrot to make or break success of talking?
  3. 008kenichijouji

    Does your bird mimic/understand a language other than or in addition to English?

    If so, share your story! I've recently become interested in birds that mimic other languages. Does your bird mimic more than one language, and if so, do they understand different phrases that have the same/similar meaning? I've been watching a lot of videos of African Grays from Japanese and...
  4. 008kenichijouji

    Language Experiments with Birds!

    Okay, so I get to thinking of random questions...and then I try to approach them scientifically and think of how I could observe and experiment.... I'm not too sure how much merit my weird thoughts truly have, or what good they'd do, but here's my latest thinking. I'm a fan of all parrots, my...