1. Rico_Tiel

    Morning Poops

    This is something I learned really fast after getting Rico (almost two years ago). I had budgies prior and they never ever made HUGE turds like Rico does. It was super funny and gross when I saw Rico’s first morning poop. It’s always so shocking to see these HUGE poops, even if they’re old...
  2. K

    NEW MEMBER Morning Crying - Desperate

    Hi all, First off I just want to say I've been using this site for a while and it has helped tons! I am now at a point where I feel my problem has not already been answered in terms of my specific bird and situation. I have had a female GCC since about July of last year. She turned a year old...
  3. Midnightstarian

    The morning grumps

    So in the early morning around 8 i uncover my Budgies cage and he is very friendly he enjoys cuddles and is super curious he likes to step up and come hang out in the afternoons outside of the cage and is adapting good. Accept one problem he has what iv'e named the morning grumps He hates...
  4. Pugtato

    Senegal (Silent) Alarm!

    Kippy has picked up a new morning routine, and its a cute one! When my fiance gets up he always uncovers her and moves her near the bed so she can see me until I decide to drag my butt out of bed. For the past three days Kippy has been climbing down from her perch, on to the bed, and working her...