moustache parakeet

  1. Robidium

    Adopting another bird - Alexandrine or Blue-throated Conure?

    Hi all, I have a bird-shaped hole in my heart! I enjoyed having two birds, I have a vacant cage, my strata allows for up to 2 birds, and my rescue has birds that need homes. So I'm going to adopt another bird in the near future! Out of the birds my local rescue has, a few have caught my...
  2. I

    Still researching, want some opinions!

    Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have seen posts I’ve made about many parrot species as im researching all my options! I’ve come to the forums today to get some opinions about my compatibility with a couple species These are: African greys (timneh mostly) Eclectus Amazons Hahns macaws Meyers...
  3. SamBeben

    Moustached Parakeet behavior

    Hey all! I have a 2 year old female moustached parakeet. I've had her since she was about 7 weeks old. It's very difficult to find information on their behaviors both in the wild and captivity. One behavior that I would love to know about if anyone has any info is that she taps a lot of stuff...
  4. Snapdragon

    Tashi's Tale

    It's official! Tashi the mustache parakeet IS MINE! I work at a parrot shop. I swore I wouldn't get a bird. And then the "most difficult bird in the store" chose me. Our story starts here: Adventures in Bird-Sitting Last evening, my boss told me to go ahead and write "SOLD" on the sign...
  5. M

    Scissor Beak (Help??)

    I adopted a Moustache Parakeet today. He has a scissored beak (his bottom beak turns out to the left). At first I thought this would hardly be an issue. Just get it trimmed whenever it needs trimmed. However I'm reading into it and it sound more serious than I thought. I'm reading it can just...