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  1. A

    Nanday is losing weight

    I need some help. I have a nanday I'm caring for and something is wrong. He was really skinny, so we fed him baby food 4-6 times a day, gave him millet, fruits and veggies and plain cheerios. He gained a lot of weight and then in the span of 3 days he lost 11 grams. Has anyone had this happen...
  2. E


    I’ve been considering getting a Nanday for awhile, and recently went with my daughter to see a baby at a store about an hour away where I previously got my GCC. The owners keep their babies inaccessible to the public because of a few incidents where people have touched without asking, so I...
  3. A

    Hello! New Nanday Conure!

    Hello everyone! My name is Ace and I just became the owner, rather unexpectedly, of an adorable Nanday Conure named Aldo. He will be 5 in August, and we're having a great time getting to know him! He is very friendly with me, but a little more hesitant with my husband. I think he will warm up...
  4. P

    Nanday conure humping? Maybe?

    My Nanday Mort has started rubbing her bum on everything (humping, I guess). Her toys, perches, food bowl... Everything. Is this something I should stop, or be concerned with? I usually try to distract her, but she has started doing it more and more. Any advice is helpful, I'm a newbie! :green2:
  5. I

    Bonding Big birds and little birds?

    Hello! For the last few months I've been looking into buying another parrot and I wanted some advice on how to bond them. I have a Nanday conure, he is extremely sweet and he enjoys being around other birds. I want to buy a blue and gold macaw, I've done a lot of research on buying one...
  6. I

    Orange feathers and bump on conure by tail?

    Before I say anything else I want to make it clear that I am going to take him to a vet as soon as a I can, I just wanted to know if it was an emergency or if I can at least wait until after the holidays. So I have a Nanday Conure ( he is about 2 years old) and for as long as I can remember he...
  7. P

    Nanday laying unfertilized eggs- need advice!

    So my nanday just laid an egg! No mate so I know it is unfertilized. I have been reading around online, but I'd just like advice on what to do. I've read to not take the egg away for a few weeks. And I read about using a cuttlebone to supplement calcium but she's afraid of them, what other...
  8. J

    Aggressive Nanday

    About 2 months ago I rescued a Nanday from an abusive home. She is about 5 years old. When I got her she had an overgrown beak, long nails, and had plucked out all of her chest feathers. At first she was a little afraid but then became extremely aggressive. When you walk by her cage she lunges...
  9. P

    Conure 'vibrating' beak against hand

    I'm new to having a bird and I had some trouble with Mort (Nanday conure) being aggressive at first, especially towards hands. He's warmed up to me and especially my dad and he has started rubbing his beak against our fingers. He will come up to our bent knuckle and rub the side of his beak...
  10. Jessie

    When Nanday's attack!!!

    So my Nanday Rio is being a butthead. He's not attacking me or anyone in my family but my dog. I have a Mini Schnauzer and an Aussie. He leaves my Mini alone but loves to torment Luna my Aussie. Luna is as sweet as can be and doesn't even bother Rio but no matter where Luna is Rio attacks. He...
  11. Jessie

    Bird poop in my hair!!

    So my Nanday Rio is finally warming up to me! That's the good news. The bad news is that his favorite thing to do is fly to my head and play with my hair. At first I though this was adorable until this morning I got out of the shower let Rio out and he flew right to my head and pooped. And now...
  12. Jessie

    Transport Nanday Help!

    So I rescued a Nanday from a bad situation Monday a week ago and I'm wanting to take him to the vet. Problem is he isn't trained in the slightest and won't let me get him into the carrier. He will come up to me when I stand at his cage and talk to him and he also takes food pieces from my hand...
  13. Jessie

    Question about covering my bird!

    So I just got a Nanday Conure today off craigslist and its my first time getting a bird that I didn't already have from little on. He is 18 months and my question is he doesn't get his cage covered at night, but I always covered my other birds in the past. So would it be okay if I covered him or...
  14. R

    Stress Bars/Black Edges

    Well, I know I'm the millionth person to post about this, but I am just out of ideas to help Pepper with his feathers! He definitely has stress bars and I just don't know why. I can hear when he's grooming that he will get to the end of his feather and kind of chew it. I wonder if that has...
  15. F

    nandays, blue quakers and me. (oh, and sweet Frick!)

    so the store I work at received 2 nandays 2 weeks ago. They're so fun! I've introduced fresh foods and one just scarfs it down. The other just sort of picks at the food. They'll both step up when politely pushed, meaning I put my hand in front of them in the cage and reward them when they...
  16. xTRIGx

    Any advice for a new Nanday owner?

    Hello all, pictured above is my beautiful boy Remy, who we have only had for 3 days. while there have been no major problems, i still thought i would go straight to the source instead of searching for all the random posts relating to Nandays. I'm completely new to owning a Nanday and would...
  17. xTRIGx

    newbie from Melbourne

    Hello, i'm new to the forum (not that new to birds) I thought I would finally sign up instead of just snooping around. a quick introduction to myself, my name is Bec, i live in Werribee (a town outside of Melbourne, Australia) i'm an animal carer with The Lonely Pets Club (a company of people...
  18. F

    Cage shy?

    So I have had my Nanday's for almost 2 weeks now Whenever I am home. and I mean whenever. Their door is open. And all they seem to do is sit on the one perch in their cage. Gonzo will move a little when I get close, but Maggie will go and hide on the inside roof of the cage. When I am home I...
  19. Justpuppy

    Even when he loves me he hates me!

    Hi in October of 2010 I adopted a Nanday Conure named Yago. At that point in time they guessed he was about 8 or so. Anyway Yago has had a couple of homes before mine and was probably abused. (He says 'stop screaming' to himself sometimes) He’s terrified of towels, the vacuum, and pretty much...
  20. R

    first time conure owner!

    I was given a rescue conure. i estimate his age to be less than 5 years old. maybe as young as a year or two. Having trouble figuring that out -.-. Hes a nanday! and despite everything is very affectionate and cuddly when out of his cage. I have a few questions. He also doesnt wake me up in the...